One Unique Brand Experience

Our core competency is to create a "One Unique Brand Experience" .

In today’s complex era, it’s important to deliver a simple message to our customers. It’s the basic philosophy of BNS branding, which is sharp, clear, and unique brand Experience and communication. Create a unique brand experience with the brand strategy and design expertise available over local and global networks

Brand expertise with 20 years of Accumulated experience (2000-2020)

Carry out a total of over 500 companies in 30 or more industries.

Bnsbranding. Network

To carry out consulting services, you need to work on the best projects in each field.
Various organizations of experienced professionals create synergy to serve the “One Unique Brand Experience”

BNSbranding History

2019        ㆍDevelopment of Integrated CI for Gangwon-do Economic Promotion                             Agency
                 ㆍSelection and execution of RIPC non-English brand development                                   support project implementer
                 ㆍDevelopment of EI and Poster Design for Suncheon East Asian                                       Culture City

2018        ㆍSelection of the responsible company for developing the convergence
                     development brand of intellectual property rights of exporters of                                    Gyeonggi Intellectual Property Center
                 ㆍSelection and progress of project implementers for design                                                development support by the Gyeonggi-do Economic Science                                          Promotion Agency
                 ㆍChina Watsons Product‘s Package Design Development

2017        ㆍIntellectual Property Center Brand value
                 ㆍenhancement business Select event

2016        ㆍIntellectual Property Center Brand value
                 ㆍenhancement business Select eventKorea Agricultural & Fish
                 ㆍFood Distribution Corporation Selected as a brand development event

2015        ㆍIntellectual Property Center Brand value
                 ㆍenhancement business Select event
                 ㆍExport Capability Strengthening Project Development of public                                     relations design Select event

2014        ㆍIntellectual Property Center Brand value
                 ㆍenhancement business Select event
                 ㆍExport Capability Strengthening Project Development of public                                        relations design Select event
                 ㆍKorea Package match PACKSTAR 賞

2013        ㆍKorea Package match PACKSTAR 賞
                 ㆍChamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Center Brand rights                                     business Select event
                 ㆍInvention promotion society Selection of non-English language brand                            support industry events

2012        ㆍKorea Package match PACKSTAR 賞
                 ㆍKorea Invention Promotion Association non-English speaking                                         business

2010        ㆍKorea Package match PACKSTAR 賞
                 ㆍKIDP 2012 GD election        
                 ㆍSmall Business Corporation Global brand upbringing business                                        Selection of business events

2009        ㆍKIDP Collection of Design Yearbook Identity Division
                 ㆍIntroduction of design management
                 ㆍDesign Business New Business/Paradigm Institute Approved

2006        ㆍShanghai 2006 APD Awards
                 ㆍEstablished editorial design subsidiary

2003        ㆍEach business team (Identity/Web/Multimedia) split

2002        ㆍBranding Lead(Naming) Alliance

2001        ㆍKIDP Registered as a professional company

2000        ㆍibizcomm established

An Offial Partner of Siegel +Gale

We believe in the power of simplicity

At Siegel+Gale, we own it, defend it and live by it. We’re a brand strategy, design and experience firm.
With unlimited imagination and a dedication to the facts, we build brands that cut through the clutter and unlock success for our clients.

Siegel + Gale Introduction

Siegel+Gale was founded with a clear point of view: that simple is smart. In 1969, branding pioneer Alan Siegel, frustrated by the complexity of communications across industries, set out to help organizations create simpler experiences. Every day, we partner with the world’s leading corporations, nonprofits and government organizations to build brand experiences that are remarkably clear and unexpectedly fresh. In other words, simple. Because brands that embrace simplicity forge deeper relationships with their customers and employees—and unleash powerful business results.

Sigel+Gale Global Clients

Simplicity always wins

Our Global Partner Sigel+gale